Friday, May 3, 2013

Week in Pictures

I have been busy this week signing and sending support letters for my trip to Brazil, Skyping with Holly in Brazil to talk about teaching painting and crafting classes down there, and dealing with some pain.vso in lieu of ignoring the blog altogether, my week in pictures:
Had lunch with friends at the famed Thai Basil in Chantilly. It was pretty good, but the company was better. This plastic lobster, and my friends Christy and Janice.
I call this my Robot Manicure. Pictures can't do it justice. Holographic sparkles over a silver base.
A bird started to build a nest in our light fixture. Kind of sad to kick it out, but it was a fire hazard.
I cannot describe how good this smells. It cost $18, so I didn't buy it, but it smells amazing. I wonder what they put in it that makes it so much better than the Suave and Bath and Body Works body wash I alternate between.
Julia asked me to flat iron her hair last night and we both were shocked at how long it was! It is naturally curly and stinks up quite a bit. Doesn't she look so grown up in this picture? I can't believe she will be 15 next month.
This is how Joe stands when he gets ready to jump off the escalator. Adorable, yes? We went to Target after a dinner at the Four Sisters in Merrifield (delicious, by the way) and he did this on every escalator.
Three movies we've watched this week. I would recommend them all, though all three contain coarse language.
How was your week? Anything exciting planned for the weekend?