Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RBC Summer Missions Trip: Brazil

I'm going. I'm excited, and a little scared, but mostly excited. This Sunday, as I was leaving church, I stopped to talk to a friend whose family is involved in the summer mission trip, and I was asked to go as an adult leader for the teens. This video is a few years old, but this is the same group of people I will be involved with:

Brazil Mission Trip

I've wanted to do a short term mission trip for three years, every since I started going to the Reston Bible Church Missions Conference. Our church does this kind of amazing thing where about one third of giving goes to global missions. I just looked up the exact number for 2012: $1,760,347 to global missions. Mind boggling. So because of all this giving, they hold a conference and missionaries on furlow will come and speak, and we have brunches and special small groups, and it's just kind of the best thing ever. So combine getting fired up from that with our church's special heart for Brazil and you have me going to Brazil this summer.


Monday, February 11, 2013


"The question is whether she is a grumbler or a grumble. If there is a real woman, even the trace of one-still there inside the grumbling, it can be brought to life again.” C.S. Lewis

I focus on the Light. On making myself useful. If I let go of those things, I might just let go altogether, and become a trace of myself within a grumbling, and then eventually a shell of myself that can't be brought back to life. I focus on the Light.

People say "I wouldn't have known you were depressed." I reply, "Acting!"