Saturday, January 14, 2012

Little monsters

I love my little Joe. He is eight years old, sweet, gentle, loves animals, and snuggling. He is genuinely, and naturally funny, and he makes me laugh all the time. His face might be a special plasticine blend by God, because he makes the craziest faces. He has his Monkeyfriend, a stuffed monkey he has carried with him since he was born, and he does this subconscious thing where he taps Monkeyfriend against his head when he needs to calm down. Just to be clear, Monkeyfriend doesn't go to school. A lot of times, other boys his age do not "get" him because he is not aggressive at all.

But Joe has a little monster that lives within. A monster who doesn't see how blessed he is. Who complains because his set of toys isn't complete. The little monster asks for a toy every time we go to Target, and tries to manipulate when we say no. He always wants to win; the imaginary race to the door or being first controller when playing the Wii, it's not a pretty thing to watch.

The Little Monster has been active lately. He doesn't understand how getting one present this Christmas is so much better than many kids will receive in the town where we live, let alone the devastating poverty of the Third World. The Little Monster needs his eyes opened. It's time to arrange some service projects.

Friday, January 13, 2012

I didn't tell you all, because it is really sad

I have to change my little "About Me" bio over to the right.  My yarn stash has died a horrible death.  I opened up a couple of bins, and somehow a bug had gotten in and eaten through my yarn balls.  Whatever wasn't destroyed could harbor eggs, so it all had to go.  Stupid fiber loving bugs.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year's, goal setting, and why I hate resolutions

But not necessarily  in that order. or maybe I will. I'm going to surprise you!

Happy New Year, ya'll! Only 11 days late! Our family rang in the New Year with another family we are close to, and had a great time.  Learned a new card game too, which is always appreciated.

Now down to nuts and bolts.  Brass tacks. The point. I don't like New Year's resolutions.  This idea that the beginning of a subjective calendar year is the only time for self reflection and assessment is kind of ludicrous.  This is why I like to make major life changes about three weeks after the New Year.  Last year I quit smoking, so I am coming up on one year.  Are there changes I would like to make in my life?  Of course, but I think I am going to go about this in a baby steps kind of way.

Last year I decided I wanted to try reading the Bible in one year, which I didn't do.  Somewhere around August, I accepted that it was going to take longer than a year, because I hadn't been consistant with it.  I am currently four months behind schedule, but honestly, if I read the Bible consistantly for a half hour to an hour a day, I could finish by February. Then will I start again? I am not sure. Our shepherd group is considering a read through, but I will not start with them.  I would pick up when I am done where they are currently.

Which leads me to another goal: Quiet time in the morning.  I could give you 50 different excuses as to why I "can't" do this.  But honestly, it's laziness.  I used to get up way before the rest of the family to get ready for work for two years. I got up at the very last minute, 6:40am, but that is earlier than I get up now.  What if I started off getting up at 6:40am, and then perhaps earlier as I get accustomed to it?

So here's another thing I could work on: use of electronics, tv, email etc., and the consequential constant multi-tasking I end up doing.  For example, it is 12:20am right now, and I am writing this blog post while also trying to watch a tv show with Kim.  First of all, WHY AM I NOT IN BED?  Second: why am I not spending this time completely with my husband, so we can discuss this show and both know what the other is talking about? Ok I stopped and watched the rest with him, because it was the part I wanted to see the most.  Sidenote: HBO kind of made me not hate the NY Rangers.  So, back to the point.  I would like to multi-task less, and therefore be more present in my own life.  I need to reevaluate the rate at which I consume media, the internet, and email related activities.  I wonder what is normal?  I think I will filter through wisdom.  The big Wisdom.  God's wisdom.

 And that is really the point, isn't it?