Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year's, goal setting, and why I hate resolutions

But not necessarily  in that order. or maybe I will. I'm going to surprise you!

Happy New Year, ya'll! Only 11 days late! Our family rang in the New Year with another family we are close to, and had a great time.  Learned a new card game too, which is always appreciated.

Now down to nuts and bolts.  Brass tacks. The point. I don't like New Year's resolutions.  This idea that the beginning of a subjective calendar year is the only time for self reflection and assessment is kind of ludicrous.  This is why I like to make major life changes about three weeks after the New Year.  Last year I quit smoking, so I am coming up on one year.  Are there changes I would like to make in my life?  Of course, but I think I am going to go about this in a baby steps kind of way.

Last year I decided I wanted to try reading the Bible in one year, which I didn't do.  Somewhere around August, I accepted that it was going to take longer than a year, because I hadn't been consistant with it.  I am currently four months behind schedule, but honestly, if I read the Bible consistantly for a half hour to an hour a day, I could finish by February. Then will I start again? I am not sure. Our shepherd group is considering a read through, but I will not start with them.  I would pick up when I am done where they are currently.

Which leads me to another goal: Quiet time in the morning.  I could give you 50 different excuses as to why I "can't" do this.  But honestly, it's laziness.  I used to get up way before the rest of the family to get ready for work for two years. I got up at the very last minute, 6:40am, but that is earlier than I get up now.  What if I started off getting up at 6:40am, and then perhaps earlier as I get accustomed to it?

So here's another thing I could work on: use of electronics, tv, email etc., and the consequential constant multi-tasking I end up doing.  For example, it is 12:20am right now, and I am writing this blog post while also trying to watch a tv show with Kim.  First of all, WHY AM I NOT IN BED?  Second: why am I not spending this time completely with my husband, so we can discuss this show and both know what the other is talking about? Ok I stopped and watched the rest with him, because it was the part I wanted to see the most.  Sidenote: HBO kind of made me not hate the NY Rangers.  So, back to the point.  I would like to multi-task less, and therefore be more present in my own life.  I need to reevaluate the rate at which I consume media, the internet, and email related activities.  I wonder what is normal?  I think I will filter through wisdom.  The big Wisdom.  God's wisdom.

 And that is really the point, isn't it?


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