Friday, April 20, 2012


While reading an excellent book last night "The Best Question Ever" by Andy Stanley, I did a little side activity where I came to the conclusion that a little daily walk wouldn't be a bad thing. At first, I don't even think it will be particularly athletic. I used to love walking, and being outside, but I rarely do it now. It gets me moving, sure, but it also feeds my soul. On a day like today, I feel like the woods can be the best cathedral in the world.

Before I descended into the woods, I stopped by my friend Lynne's house, and took some pictures of her blooming azaleas. And her! I wasn't going to take a goofy picture of my friend, but I think I said something like "work those azaleas!" and then this magical moment happened.

The woods behind my house is in the neat, soft, green stage where all the leaves are new and haven't gotten that toughness they will need to get through a Virginia summer. I kept reaching out to touch things, enjoying the velvety texture of leaves, flowers, and ferns.

I was hit with the pleasant smell of verdant, earthy decay just as I walked around the bend to see this tree stump. It reminds me of playing in the woods around my house growing up.


When walking in the woods here, you often come across a little "fairy" patch like this, which looks like it couldn't possibly be a stone's throw from a bunch of houses.


Finally, a honeysuckle as I came from the forest path, up to the houses again. Also a childhood memory, because there were honeysuckles all around my kindergarten's playground.


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