Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today was a sad, tough day.

Today PopPop died. Kim's grandfather lived a wonderful life, with a pretty fantastic legacy: you can not find a person who did not like him. He was born in a time when most people still used a horse for daily travel. He lived through pandemics, two world wars, serving in one of them, the space age, and the dawn of the computer. He saw telephones go from a luxury to something people carry easily in their pocket. More importantly, he was married to Rose for over 65 years, and fathered two children. My father in law, Barry, and my childrens' unofficial third grandma, Aunt Frances. He was loving, intelligent, patient, thoughtful, and so proud of his family. If you knew PopPop for more than five minutes, you would likely hear a story about one of his grandchildren, or great grandchildren. I knew him longer than my own grandfather, and loved him like he was my grandfather too.

PopPop, we will all miss you. I will never forget you, and I am so glad we named Joe after you.

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