Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pool day excitement!

Today was our first real pool day of this summer. I couldn't figure out why we hadn't gotten to the pool, until I realized we would get nothing done all morning and then I couldn't justify a pool trip when I had stuff to do. I decided if I was going to do nothing in the morning, that was the time to fit the pool in.

This one was pretty excited. Not that you can tell. It's her thinking face.

Joe was pretty stoked that I found the swim masks, and he looks crazy handsome in it.

He was pretty keen to "practice swimming" and there was this cute girl who was all kinds of keen to give him swimming lessons. She also latched on to me, which made me kind of sad, because I could tell her nanny was kind of dismissive with her. I did let the nanny know that she was a very good swimmer (after two lessons!) and that her mom might want to consider swim team next summer. So sweet girl and Joseph were playing, and all of the sudden Joe wanted to "show me something". Then he went underwater, and started swimming! Then the stupid whistle blew, so of course we stayed an hour longer so he could practice. So so proud of him!


In other news, I have no idea what I am doing for dinner. Yay.


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